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Act Now! Against Private School Vouchers

There are so many reasons to oppose vouchers: they threaten religious liberty, deprive students of rights and protections, and lack accountability. Vouchers don’t improve academic achievement and several recent studies have shown remarkably dismal results: students who used vouchers actually performed worse on standardized tests than their peers .

Take a moment: click here to contact your U.S. Senators, U.S. Representative, and state legislators today and tell them you want them to oppose any bills that would authorize private school vouchers.

Or even better, contact your legislators directly over the phone: find your Minnesota legislator here.


AU Essay Contest

With prizes!

Open to all United States high school juniors and seniors: check out all the details here

Deadline for entry: April 15, 2017

A big AU win in Washington


Washington state Supreme Court Says There’s No Constitutional Right To Discriminate Against Same-Sex Couples

The Washington Supreme Court has now vindicated AU’s argument. In a lengthy, 9-0 decision, the court first confirms that Stutzman did indeed violate the Washington Law Against Discrimination; it then goes on to reject her claims that the Constitution gives her a right to break the law.

In a 9-0 decision, no less!  This is the basis of true religious freedom: you can believe whatever you like, but you are not free to use those beliefs to discriminate against people.

MNAU “First Cup” discussion (rescheduled)

Dear Minnesota American’s United Chapter Members,
The “First Cup” discussion on Separation of Church and State issues has been rescheduled to Feb. 23rd at the same location.  We will be talking about the Johnson Amendment and recent appellate ruling on the “Muslim Ban” executive order.  We will again be providing the first cup of coffee for everyone that attends.
We will be meeting at Dunn Brothers Coffee in the Roseville Library (2nd Floor) at 6:30 PM.  Address is 2180 N Hamline Ave  Roseville, MN 55113.
Please take this opportunity to renew your membership if you have not done so already.   Remember to choose the MN chapter when renewing.  Americans United makes renewal an easy process online at this link. donate
We hope to see you there!
MN AU Board

Why repealing the Johnson Amendment is a terrible idea

As a response to Donald Trump’s comments this morning at the National Prayer Breakfast where he once again promised to “destroy” the Johnson Amendment, here are some links that talk about why that would be such a terrible idea.  But in summary: people have the right to support candidates using their own resources.  They don’t have the right to use government resources to do so.  Taxpayers should not be subsidizing partisan politics, and 501(c)3 organizations (like churches OR groups like ours, Americans United) should be firm in their rejection of calls to allow it.

And let’s be clear: churches and pastors CAN engage in politics and endorse candidates or parties if they want to.  They just need to give up their tax-exempt status to do so, so that other taxpayers are not subsidizing their political activism.

Why Repealing The Ban On Pulpit Politicking Is A Colossally Bad Idea

New Year, New Congress, Old Bill: Repealing The Ban On Pulpit Politicking Is Still A Bad Idea

How Repealing the Johnson Amendment Could Ruin Politics

Project Fairplay: The Johnson Amendment

Talking points: why you should support the Johnson Amendment

Project Fair Play Church Politicking Roundtable

Discussion opportunity with “We the People MN” group

Dear AU members,
We the People MN is a new organization in Minnesota dedicated to exploring Constitutional questions and how to best defend our Constitution against attack.  They are hosting an exploration of the 1st Amendment, including the separation of Church and State issues so near to our hearts, this coming Sunday January 291-3 PM at Solomon’s Porch, 100 West 46th Street in Minneapolis.  The title of this event is Act 3, “My Wicca Sisterhood Wants to Hold a Rally”.  Since this is an issue in which our membership has a lot of interest, we cordially invite you to attend and participate and meet new people who want to help defend the Constitution.
Please visit their Facebook event page and let them know if you will be attending.  If you cannot attend the event there will be a Facebook Live streaming from the We the People MN Facebook Page (NOT the FB Group, a FB page just set up for this reason) so be sure to visit and “like” it so you can watch. 

Tomorrow is the day…

On January 20th, Donald Trump and Mike Pence will take the oath of office. They will swear to uphold the Constitution. But there is every indication they will dishonor it every chance they get.

That’s why Americans United for Separation of Church and State is asking concerned citizens all across the country to join us in pledging to hold them accountable during the next four years, and to protect and defend our democracy when they do not.

Sign up and please also make a donation to provide AU with the critical funds to win the battles that lie ahead.