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Less God on the campaign trail… yes, please!

October 2, 2012

This seems like a move in the right direction, even if we can say it may be for the wrong reasons.

“But then there’s another group that appears to believe that religious voters of this type are more trouble than they’re worth,” Gushee says. “That as soon as you think you’ve pleased them, they complain about something else.

“And so it seems the energy is shifting to shoring up the base of women voters, and union voters, and other kinds of voters that are a more reliable constituency,” Gushee says.

Let’s get some more recognition that appealing to the extreme fundamentalist conservative base is nothing but exclusive towards the majority of good religious and non-religious people who don’t share their views.  It’s a diverse country, and we should call on our representatives to use ideas and language that are inclusive, and depend on secular reasoning we can all agree or disagree with on a rational basis (and not because our religious books tell us to).

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