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Following the rules

October 23, 2012

These churches should be investigated by the IRS, and most probably should lose their tax-exempt status.

Churches should feel free to make recommendations voting for candidates or parties, as part of their right to freedom of speech… as long as they give up their tax exemption. You see, PART OF THE LEGAL REQUIREMENT for ANY organization that holds tax-exempt status (religious or not) is to NOT make political pronouncements in favor or against any political candidates or political parties.

Americans United actually has the same restrictions: there can be no official statement from the group to promote or suppress any political candidate or party. We respect that legal restriction, and understand that we COULD change our position and ask people to vote for one candidate or against another… if we no longer want to be tax-exempt.

These churches should have their tax-exempt status revoked, since they obviously cannot seem to follow the rules they signed up for when they applied to be a 501(c)(3).

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