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Everyone, or no-one: religious displays on public land

December 6, 2012

In many situations where religious groups have retained an undeserved privilege over the years, the only way to let them see the injustice of the situation is to place them in a similar un-privileged position as the rest of the population.  This is the case here, where a religious group that had assumed that an unconstitutional ability to be the only religion represented in displays on public land had, over time, somehow become a right to do so.  When this was challenged, they were offended.  And when they were suddenly in the outsider group looking in as people who didn’t share their religious beliefs put up the majority of the displays, they were livid.

Unfortunately, instead of learning the lesson of what it feels to be an outsider with your religion being disfavored by the government, and therefore understanding why we have separation of Church and State in the first place, the lesson learned here seems to have been… it’s another salvo in the War on Christmas.

Bah humbug.

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