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NC forgets about separation principles

April 3, 2013

NC proposes a bill that states they have a right to declare a state religion.  Unsurprisingly, North Carolina is also one of the states that has (unenforceable) laws on the books that prohibit non-believers from holding public office.  The bill was proposed, apparently, in response to a lawsuit filed by the ACLU telling county commissioners in Rowan County to stop opening meetings with a Christian prayer.

It’s like they’ve never heard of the 14th Amendment… or the First.

You’ll notice that the proposed bill doesn’t state WHICH religion will become the “official” NC one. I’d almost love to see them go through with it, just to watch the inevitable internecine implosion as they try to figure out which one of the thousands of interpretations of what they assume is a single religion gets to be the “official” one, and then face the backlash from the majority that doesn’t belong to that particular group.

Separation of Church and State: it’s not just a good idea. It’s actually the law.

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