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Meetup: First Amendment and Public Schools, June 20th 6pm

June 5, 2013

Very few church/state separation issues have been as controversial in the past century as the relationship between the First Amendment and public schools. The entanglement of religion and the state has been at the core of many Supreme Court decisions, and the parameters of what public schools, can do, must do, and cannot do are not always easy to parse from their rulings. The tension between government institutions allowing for religious freedom without mandating religious observance is one of the core issues that Americans United for Separation of Church and State has always kept a close eye on, and nowhere is that issue more rawly exposed than where it directly affects children.

Join us in an informal discussion of the history of the relationship between the First Amendment and public schools, and what to look for if you have children in public schools, or if you are a teacher, or are just interested in understanding a little bit about the history of how we try to make sure that the educational role of the state doesn’t end up promoting or suppressing any religious/non-religious viewpoint. Bring your questions, bring your concerns, bring your grey areas: all discussion is open.

Meetup details and signup here

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