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Why separation of Church and State is important, part #3,010

January 22, 2014

When a person takes a position within government, you expect that their motivation will be to uphold the Constitution, the (secular) laws with which we order our society, and some recognition that we live in a pluralistic country with many differences of opinion and hundreds (if not thousands) of religious perspectives.

In this case, we have a person who has taken a position in order to impose their religious opinion on the other people in his state.  Obviously he recognizes that there are those whose opinions differ from his: after all, there are a couple of thousand newly married people in his state of Utah that disagree with him strongly on whether their marriages are valid.  Gene Schaerr, a Washington, D.C. partner at the law firm Winston & Strawn, cites his personal religious beliefs as the rationale behind his decision to quit his job and become the lead counsel on the State of Utah’s case against marriage equality.

When law is based on religious belief and has little or no secular validation, all freedom of religion suffers.  It’s quite telling that the reasons he gives for taking on the case have nothing to do with any of the reasons the State of Utah has put forward to defend their position.

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