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World War II Memorial Prayer Act Vote

June 27, 2014

On June 23, the House of Representatives passed S. 1044, “The World War II Memorial Prayer Act of 2013,” which calls for the installation of a plaque or inscription with a prayer at the World War II Memorial in Washington DC.

One of the main themes of the World War II Memorial is unity. Adding a prayer to the memorial, however, introduces something about which many Americans disagree: religion. America’s military, like the nation itself, is extraordinarily religiously diverse. Our veterans, like our currently serving troops, come from many different religious traditions and some follow no spiritual path at all. Adding a prayer that represents some—but not all—veterans and members of the military defies the theme of unity and leaves many unrepresented.

Keeping a separation of church and state in this case would better serve religious freedom and truly represent and honor all veterans. There was no need to take extraordinary steps to reopen the design of the memorial 10 years after its dedication to add a prayer, especially when the monument already acknowledges that faith was important to many soldiers during the war.

The 12 Representatives who took a stand against this bill deserve to be thanked, so this is your chance to thank them. Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison was one of only twelve representatives to vote against it and we’d like to encourage people to thank him for his vote. If you have members or friends who may live in his district, please consider forwarding the alert to them if you haven’t already. And, if your Representative voted for the prayer to be added to the memorial, please remind him or her that the government should honor the principle of church-state separation in order to best honor all of our veterans.

To find out how your Representative voted and to send him or her a follow-up message, enter your info at this site!

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