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Supreme Court news: religious objections to birth control will come before the court

November 6, 2015

Big news on the Supreme Court front today, on continued challenges to the Affordable Care Act because of religious objections to a law that should apply equally to all.

Today, the high court agreed to hear seven cases, including Roman Catholic Archbishop of Washington v. Burwell and Little Sisters of the Poor Home for the Aged v. Burwell, that concern challenges brought by religiously affiliated institutions. Although the plaintiffs are not required to include birth control in the insurance plans that they provide to their employees, they object to their employees receiving that coverage from a third party.

To be clear, the plaintiffs do not have to include nor pay for birth control for their employees.  They only have to sign an affidavit indicating their religious opposition to including this birth control, and the third party will provide it to their employees at no cost.

But this is somehow still seen as a burden on their religious freedom.

Americans United says that objection is baseless, and seven of eight federal appeals courts have agreed and rejected such claims.  We will see what the Supreme Court has to say.

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