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Question for the candidates

October 5, 2016

Does religious freedom mean the right to discriminate against other people, to harm them and take away their rights?

That’s Americans United’s simple and direct question for the candidates during the October 9thpresidential debate. We’d like to hear what Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have to say about it.

Religious freedom is a fundamental value that Americans United has been fighting to protect for seven decades.  It has always guaranteed us the right to believe – or not – as we see fit, and the right to act on our beliefs so long as we don’t harm others.

But now people are trying to hijack religious freedom and claim that it means the right to discriminate,including the right to refuse services to LGBTQ Americans….the right of bosses to interfere (based on religion) with their employees’ access to medical services…the right to use religion to make moral decisions for others.

We don’t believe religious freedom means any of those things – and we’d like to hear what the candidates have to say.

The moderators of the next debate have agreed to consider questions that get the top votes on the Open Debate Coalition website. AU has listed this one:

Will you ensure religion isn’t used as an excuse to discriminate and harm others?

It’s a compelling question, an important one, but it won’t get asked without your help. Vote for our questionhere. And spread the word by sharing this message on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks for your help!

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