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Why repealing the Johnson Amendment is a terrible idea

February 2, 2017

As a response to Donald Trump’s comments this morning at the National Prayer Breakfast where he once again promised to “destroy” the Johnson Amendment, here are some links that talk about why that would be such a terrible idea.  But in summary: people have the right to support candidates using their own resources.  They don’t have the right to use government resources to do so.  Taxpayers should not be subsidizing partisan politics, and 501(c)3 organizations (like churches OR groups like ours, Americans United) should be firm in their rejection of calls to allow it.

And let’s be clear: churches and pastors CAN engage in politics and endorse candidates or parties if they want to.  They just need to give up their tax-exempt status to do so, so that other taxpayers are not subsidizing their political activism.

Why Repealing The Ban On Pulpit Politicking Is A Colossally Bad Idea

New Year, New Congress, Old Bill: Repealing The Ban On Pulpit Politicking Is Still A Bad Idea

How Repealing the Johnson Amendment Could Ruin Politics

Project Fairplay: The Johnson Amendment

Talking points: why you should support the Johnson Amendment

Project Fair Play Church Politicking Roundtable

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